Buy Dry fruits gift pack in bulk

Buy Dry Fruits in bulk

Now celebrate your festivals, birthdays and anniversaries only by sending dry fruits gift pack in bulk to your family, relatives, associates, boss, business contacts, friends, and many more. Dry fruits include great gifts as due to their extended healthful life and a desired choice of the ever- increasing calorie conscious inhabitants.

Present A Healthy Gift To Your Adored Ones On A Special Occasions

Superior-quality dry fruits are now available through online and deliver to all over India. All the wide ranges of dry fruits both native and exotic are offered. AlmondsPistachiosCashewsMixed nutsPeanutsRaisinsPrunesDries apricots, and lots more. Dry fruits are now available even in a variety of tastes such as salted, masala, chaat, schezwan, wasabi, caramel etc.

Send either separate dry fruit packs of your choice or a wide collection of numerous nuts and dried fruits both packed in a unique gift basket. The insides of the stunning gift vouchers are all top-quality and newly packed. Opt from the numerous options and order online for opportune dry fruits delivery for diwali as guaranteed.

Enjoy Same Day & Midnight Dry Fruits Gift Baskets Delivery

However, finally are you looking for the wee hours delivery options in India? Always opt for dry fruits gift pack delivery for the health conscious family in India? Here you will be offered midnight delivery to all metropolises and Tier 1 cities and what can be better than a hale and hearty treat of online dry fruits in India.

Gift dry fruits combos containing of almonds, walnuts, raisins or varied dry fruits and send a symbolic of good health. Healthful and delicious, dry fruit baskets delivery is always possible to metro cities any time.

Popular Occasions For Dry Fruits Gifting Ideas

  • Dry Fruits for Diwali- Diwali Dry Fruit Hampers
  • Dry Fruit Hampers for Holi
  • Christmas Dry Fruit Baskets
  • Same Day Dry Fruit Delivery
  • Dry Fruit & Juice & Chocolate Delivery

 Dry fruits incorporate to the special commitment of Diwali festival & also add value to the desires by impaling good taste & understanding. Diwali is one amid those festivities where the gift of dry fruits would fit appropriately. If you are looking for different ways to meet family & friends in India throughout these festive seasons, gift Diwali dry fruit hampers to them together with lovely cards.

Dry fruits will make the most wholesome and delicious treat on Diwali. It doesn’t matter whether it’s young or old, one and all would love to receive a treat like this. Crispy dry fruits incorporate to the flavor of every treat. Diwali is the time to get combined, have fun and enjoy together. Thus, choose right box of Diwali dry fruits comprising raisins, cashews, walnuts, almonds, etc. from our huge assortment and gear up to make this Diwali outstanding for your adored ones.

Use our delivery services and send Diwali dry fruit gift hampers to India and other sites where your loved ones are living.

Almonds have abundance health benefits: Try now

Almonds are the ancient and most extensively full-grown nuts in the world. Adding them into your diet will enhance value to your complete wellness and this quantity tends to unveil the abundance benefits you can originate from doing this.Almonds comprise healthy fats that provide your body the boosted energy and revive it needs for day to day actions.

Most of the people say that consumption of almonds assists us in augmenting and improving brain power. But Almonds have lots of health benefits – let’s know about!

1. It improves the digestion process:
Good digestion always leads to healthier well-being and enhanced fitness. The external layer of almonds contains an enzyme inhibitor, which is cleared by immersing almonds in water. It is how almonds benefits to digest your foods easily. Your intake becomes a low-fat diet because the enzymes existing in almonds aid you in balancing with fat.

2. Anti-aging properties:
Aging is one of the most worrying skin concerns, which females and women never want to undergo. If you are also one of those who wish to look younger, consume almonds. You will obtain vitamin C through almonds, which also holds antioxidant and helps us in eliminating aging signs. It means you can get young-looking skin by eating almonds every day.

3. Helps in good growth of unborn baby:
Drenched almonds are amazing nutrition for pregnant women. Immersed almonds consist of folic acid, which is quite essential for proper development of fetus’s brain and other parts. Doctors always recommend women to eat almonds as they obtain the effective benefits. Furthermore, drenched almonds lead to the proper digestion process. It aids new mothers in easily absorbing food they consume.

4. Necessary for the brain:
Health specialists have found in research that almonds can easily progress the functionality of the central nervous system. All you need to do is just consume 5-6 almonds day-to-day and it will improve the performance of your brain.

5. A consistent cure for dry and dull skin:
Many individuals experience skin ailments such as itching, inflammation and dry skin. To eradicate such problems always use a paste of drenched almonds. Your itching and skin burning problem will get treated easily and there will be no any chance of facing such difficulty over again.

6. Natural hair conditioner:
Chemical blended hair conditioners of top brands always cause side effects. It is the main reason most of the people are afraid of using such chemical stuffed products. You can even make your own hair conditioner by using almond seeds. First of all crush almond seeds and add with olive oil then apply the paste on scalp and hairs. It will immediately act to make your hair silky and stronger.

7. Controls cholesterol:
People try many products and medicines to reduce the levels of LDL cholesterol. Obviously, it is not quite easy to do, especially if you want to relish the city lifestyle. The almonds help to decrease LDL cholesterol levels because they hold monounsaturated fatty acids. MUFA is prominent for lessening LDL cholesterol levels and improving HDL cholesterol levels.

8. Helps in restoring damaged skin cells:
If your skin is looking ugly because of lifeless skin cells, you should consume almonds. These seeds work for restoring damaged skin cells from the internal root of the skin. You obtain more appealing and radiant skin.
Thus, add almonds in your daily regimen as Almonds have ample of health benefit which assists you to stay fit and in good physical shape.

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Many people believe that the almond is a nut, when in all actuality it is a drupe (which is technically a type of fruit). The English word almond is derived from the French amande, which in turn is a derivative of the old Latin word for almond amygdalus meaning “tonsil plum.” 

The almond tree is a deciduous tree which can grow as high as 10 meters. The leaves of the almond tree are broad and serrated, and the sprouting flowers seen in early spring are either white or pale pink. By the time autumn comes (some 7-8 months after flowering), the almond is mature, ripe, and ready to be harvested. 

Almond trees become productive and begin bearing fruit after five years. The fruit is mature in the autumn, 7–8 months after flowering.


Almonds are mentioned as far back in history as the Bible. They were a prized ingredient in breads served to Egypt’s pharos. Their exact ancestry in unknown, but almonds are thought to have originated in China and Central Asia.

Explorers ate almonds while traveling the “Silk Road” between Asia and the Mediterranean. Before long, almond trees flourished in the Mediterranean — especially in Spain and Italy.

The almond tree was brought to California from Spain in the mid-1700’s by the Franciscan Padres. The moist, cool weather of the coastal missions, however, did not provide optimum growing conditions. It wasn’t until the following century that trees were successfully planted inland. By the 1870’s, research and cross-breeding had developed several of today’s prominent almond varieties. By the turn of the 20th century, the almond industry was firmly established in the Sacramento and San Joaquin areas of California’s great Central Valley.


Throughout history, almonds have maintained religious, ethnic and social significance. The Bible’s “Book of Numbers” tells the story of Aaron’s rod that blossomed and bore almonds, giving the almond the symbolism of divine approval.

Today, Americans give guests at weddings a bag of sugared almonds, representing children, happiness, romance, good health and fortune. In Sweden, cinnamon-flavored rice pudding with an almond hidden inside is a Christmas custom. Find it, and good fortune is yours for a year.